External Hard-drive with Wi-Fi, Ethernet Port, Battery & USB??

Standing out from the crowd takes an enormous amount of money, efforts and talent? Think again.

He had special feelings for her. But she considered him as one of his friends. He tried to impress her, but he found it difficult to stand out. Especially in this time and age when everyone seemed to have everything. Or did they?

It was during a trip, where all friends went together, that he was able to garner all the attention from everyone, especially her, towards him.

He didn’t jump from the Eiffel Tower, he didn’t make the Statue of Liberty disappear, he didn’t outrun a Cheetah. He just carried his external hard-drive with him –  This one was different. Different enough to create an impression!

It was a long trip and they had to spend many hours in the car. Initially they were happy talking and listening to music, but got bored soon after. One of them suggested they see a movie – but there was only one laptop. Of course, all of them had tablets/mobiles, but the storage space was very limited and they needed a Wi-Fi connection to transfer/stream the movie. How to get Wi-Fi on the car, while driving?

That was exactly the situation he was waiting for. He took out his Corsair Voyager Air hard-drive, plugged it to the laptop (via. USB), transferred the movie, switched on the Wi-Fi/Battery (on the hard-drive) and streamed the movie to everyone.

People were surprised. How did he do something that even the geeks in the group did not know could be done?

One of his friends asked, “It’s a USB Hard-drive with Wi-Fi and Battery that can store & stream media? That’s cool. However, the power in the battery is not going to last long but our trip is long. What are you going to do about that?”

He said, “No problem. This drive comes with a car (power) adapter. I can charge it right here.”

His friends were dumb-struck. They then said, “Should be a very expensive gadget, then. Perhaps you could have bought an entry-level NAS system for that price?”

He said, “Not so expensive. By the way, guys, did I tell you that this drive comes with an Ethernet/Network port, as well. I can plug it to the wired port of my router or network switch and create a NAS storage system in my house anytime I want.”

They said in chorus, “It comes with a network port, too?”. A single hard-drive with Wi-Fi, Network port, USB and battery was something that they weren’t aware of. At least they had not seen something like that before.

With the kind of limited memory their phones/tablets came with, this portable drive could be extremely useful to extend that memory to up to 1 TB! This hard-drive even came with ready-made apps for Android & iOS-based mobile devices.

Why buy a boring external hard-drive, when you can buy a cool Corsair Voyager Air drive? They took the device and in the guise of admiring the brilliant black-red contrasting exterior, they noted the name and model of the drive.

Everyone were impressed. Especially her. He made sure he dropped her home at last. While going out, she said, “Why not go for another trip? This time – just me and you?”

He smiled, and said, “Why not?”


Amazon product page for Corsair Voyager Air Portable Wi-Fi Hard-drive with Ethernet/Network Port & USB 3.0:

Red & Black – Brilliant Contrast model:

Black only – Lower priced model:

Corsair Voyager Air 1TB Wireless Mobile Storage With Ethernet (NAS), iOS and Android, BLACK (CMFAIR-BLK-1000-NA)

Product Introduction Video:


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