Servers for Small/Medium Businesses – Hp ProLiant Gen8 Servers

Hp ProLiant Architecture & Design (Introduction video): 

Yes, the Hp guys are talking too good about their own product in the above video. But whatever they say and show while they are not doing that, is valuable! 🙂

Servers are different from computers & workstations. If you are going to use your system for hosting/sharing critical applications, you should be looking to buy servers – not computers. Servers are powerful, can handle multiple users, are expandable, come with multiple network/storage options, enhance performance and reliability, are built for 24×7 applications, and much more. 

Hp is a popular server manufacturer and they are popular in the enterprise segment. Hp also offers many servers for the SOHO/SMB (Small/Medium Business) segment. Let us look at the types of servers, some defining features of Hp servers & popular server models from Hp for SMBs/SOHO/Branches, in this article.

Types of Servers:

There are basically 3-4 types of servers: Tower Servers, Rack Servers, Blade Servers & Servers built for scalable environments. The first two types of servers are applicable for the SMB segment.

Tower Servers:

  1. Mostly stand upright, like a computer CPU, but are larger/heavier than them.
  2. Kept on floors/tables and occupy the largest amount of space among the different types of servers.
  3. Some high-end tower servers are convertible – they can be fixed into a rack if required.
  4. They have maximum in-chassis flexibility and more empty/cooling space.
  5. Independent unit ~ Server (processing) & Storage units are included in the same unit.
  6. Offers good value for money, but configuration is limited and so is expandability. Mostly entry-level servers come with the Tower form-factor.
  7. Optimum for small businesses, branch offices & remote locations.

Rack Servers:

  1. Can be placed inside standard 19″ racks (one over another, along with network switches, etc.) – space utilization is better than tower servers.
  2. Offers decent compute power (multiple options) in a space-saving design (not as much as blade servers, though).
  3. Expansion slots to add NICs, HBAs and other interconnecting components & options.
  4. May come with built-in storage capacity, can also connect to high-speed external storage (NAS/SAN).
  5. Each server is an independent and (mostly) a complete unit.
  6. Can coexist with servers made by other manufacturers, in the same rack.
  7. Optimum for usage in server rooms, small data centers and head offices.

Blade Servers are small form-factor servers that are housed in a purpose-built chassis that share power, cooling, networking and interconnect resources. A blade-chassis has integrated management interface and is designed for modularity, high-density server installations like large server farms/data servers. Blade servers are not applicable to small/medium businesses, in most cases.

Some Differentiating Features of Hp Proliant Gen8 Servers:

  1. Near-continuous health monitoring of all vital system parameters.
  2. Firmware, drivers & tools required for server setup are built-in & system maintenance tool automates updates.
  3. Optimized for SSD Drives, in addition to disk-based hard drives.
  4. Tool to locate and track servers, easing asset tracking.
  5. It is possible to customize the management platform and integrate it with other tools.
  6. All configuration changes are logged, to make problem resolution easier.
  7. Remote support & Cloud-based IT management /support portal.
  8. Supports the latest DDR3-1866 & LRDIMM memory.
  9. Hard-drive status indicator, Activity indicator, Do not remove indicator.
  10. Energy Efficient Ethernet adapters reduce power during periods of low data activity & array of embedded temperature sensors optimize cooling/power resources.
  11. Various components are tested for interoperability and performance.
  12. It is possible to disassemble/assemble most server components, without a tool.

Some Popular Hp Proliant Gen8 Servers available in Amazon (US): 

Entry-Level (SOHO/Home Servers):

#1. HP ProLiant 712318-001 Ultra Micro Tower Server – 1 x Intel Pentium G2020T 2.50 GHz – 2.5 Ghz Intel Pentium II Processor; 2 GB DDR3 SDRAM; Hard-drive Not Installed (SATA interface); Model no: 712318-001.

#2. HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Ultra Micro Tower Server System Intel Celeron G1610T 2.3GHz 2C/2T 2GB No Hard Drive Operating System None 712317-001 – Intel Celeron G1610T 2.3GHz 2C/2T Processor; Intel C204 Chipset; 2 GB DDR3 RAM (2 x DIMM slots); Hard drive Not Installed – 4 x LFF hard-drive Case; HP Dynamic Smart Array B120i Storage Controller.

Tower Servers:

#1. HP ProLiant ML310e G8 686232-S01 4U Micro Tower Server – 1 x Intel Xeon E3-1220V2 3.1GHz. SMART BUY PROLIANT ML310E GEN8 E3-1220V2 3.1G 4GB 1P US SVR. 1 Processor Support – 4 GB Standard/32 GB Maximum RAM – DVD-Writer – Serial ATA/300 RAID Supported Controller – Gigabit Ethernet – Hp ML310e Gen8 Server; Intel Xeon E3; 4 GB RAM (Max: 32 GB); No Hard-drives included; RAID Controller; Gigabit Ethernet.

#2. HP ProLiant ML310e G8 686234-S01 4U Micro Tower Server – 1 x Intel Xeon E3-1230V2 3.3GHz – Hp ML310e Gen8 Server; 4-Core Intel Xeon Processor E3-1230v2; HP 8GB (2x4GB) Dual Rank x8 PC3-12800E Memory (RAM) {32 GB RAM Maximum}; HP Embedded B120i SATA Controller; HP 4-Bay Large Form Factor Drive Cage; Hard-drives not included.

#3. HP ProLiant ML350e G8 686770-S01 5U Tower Server – 1 x Intel Xeon E5-2403 1.8GHz – Hp ML350e Gen8 Server; Intel Xeon E5-2403 Processor; 8GB (2x4GB) UDIMM RAM (12 DIMM slots); 1Gb 361i Ethernet Adapter 2 Ports per controller.

Rack Servers:

#1. HP ProLiant DL320e G8 687519-S01 1U Rack Server – 1 x Intel Xeon E3-1240V2 3.4GHz – Hp DL320e Gen8 Server; 3.40 GHz Intel Xeon Processor; 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM (RAM), 32 GB Max; Hard-drive: SATA Interface, Not Included; Serial ATA/300 RAID Supported Controller.

#2. HP ProLiant DL380e Gen8 Entry – Server – rack-mountable – 2U – 2-way – 1 x Xeon E5-2403 / 1.8 GHz – RAM 4 GB – SAS – hot-swap 2.5″ – no HDD – Matrox G200 – Gigabit LAN – Monitor : none – Hp DL380e Gen8 Server; 1 x Xeon E5-2403 / 1.8 GHz Processor; 4 GB RAM; SAS – hot-swap 2.5″, hard-drive not included.

#3. HP ProLiant DL380p G8 670857-S01 2U Rack Server – 1 x Xeon E5-2609 2.4GHz (670857-S01)  – Hp DL380p Gen8 Server; 1 x Intel Xeon E5-2609 2.4GHz Processor; 8GB Standard RAM; G200 SAS hard-drive Interface, hard-drive not included.

Further details: Manufacturer’s web-page.

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