Wireless Router for Travelers with Interchangeable Power-plugs

TRENDnet N150 Wireless Router for Travelers:

The TRENDnet N150 wireless travel router is a very useful device for frequent travelers. There maybe many mini-routers, but a traveler needs more than just a wireless connection. That’s why the TRENDnet N150 maybe inevitable. Let’s look at this router, a bit in-depth.

Main Features:

  1. Travel router – Wireless N 150 Mbps, Single radio, 2 dBi internal antenna.
  2. Built-in interchangeable 3 x electric plugs (North America, Europe, Asia).
  3. Wired port (10/100 Mbps) to convert wired Internet at hotels to Wi-Fi Internet for mobile/tablets or laptop.
  4. USB Share port to connect USB storage device and share its contents across the Wi-Fi network.
  5. USB charge port to charge Mobile/Tablet or other USB-powered devices.
  6. On/Off Switch, Network mode switch, Reset button.
  7. One-touch secure encrypted Wi-Fi connection with password protection.
  8. Repeater & WISP mode to amplify the signals of the existing wireless network.
  9.  3-year limited warranty.
  10. MSRP: $59.99 USD.

The three differentiating features (IMO) of this little travel router are – interchangeable plug points – you don’t need to worry which continent you are traveling to, as all the plugs are included; USB charging/data sharing ports; Wired network port to convert wired Internet at hotels/guest houses into Wi-Fi network for connecting mobile devices.

The limitations include N150 Mbps speed (quite less by today’s standard) and 10/100 Mbps wired port (could have been a Gigabit port). But for the traveler application this is designed for, I think these limitations may not be a big hindrance  even if you are going to share the Wi-Fi network with a couple of people. You can’t expect to play large multi-player games and stream HD movies simultaneously, but for most normal applications, this router should be fine. Given the size and thoughtful plug placement, this device is definitely a boon for frequent travelers. If you don’t want high speeds, go for it.

Further Information/Manufacturer’s website: TRENDnet N150 Travel Wireless Router.

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