Professional Desktop Video Conferencing Software that includes recording and streaming – vPoint HD

There are a lot of free softwares and services available for Video chat – But nothing can beat the performance of a professional video conferencing software that supports H.264 Compression and HD standards. If Video Recording, Video Messaging and Video streaming comes built in to it without the costs involved with professional set-top video conferencing systems, wouldn’t you be interested? Let check the features offered by Emblaze VCON vPoint HD Desktop Video Conferencing software in this article.

Video Conferencing does enable organizations to cut costs, work efficiently and make decisions faster by connecting employees in geographically dispersed locations quickly over the video. Set-top Video Conferencing systems with integrated hardware CODEC, Camera and Microphone and viewed on a TV / LCD Display/ Plasma monitor device is perfect for a group to group conference. But what if a single employee from a remote location wants to join that conference? Or if your Managing Director wants to view / participate in the conference from his desk? Its economically not feasible for giving a set-top video conferencing system to all the branches or all the employees. That’s where the desktop video conferencing systems are so helpful.

Emblaze VCON vPoint HD is one such desk top video conferencing software/ client that can be installed in any desktop / laptop and can be used with good quality headset/ microphones and a standard (good quality) USB based Web-Cam. If that sounds simple, what about the quality?

H.264 Compression Standard

H.264 is a very popular compression algorithms used for compressing the video frames sent over IP / WAN networks. In a way, it is this licensed Codec that makes all the difference between normal video chatting and professional video conferencing systems. It not only compresses data, but may also send only the changes to each frame (instead of sending the entire frame every time, as a number of components in each frame remains constant – like background, walls etc) so that the video quality is good even in low bandwidth scenarios. Emblaze VCON’s vPoint HD desktop software has this built-in. And, this is a standard – it can work even if you call any other vendor’s video conferencing system (that supports H.264) from vPoint HD.

High Definition Video

The vPoint HD supports receiving high Definition Video in all models and can also send high definition video in certain models (There are three models – basic, professional and executive). High Definition is the latest standard in the video industry which can give an amazing video quality with monitors and systems supporting the same. HD takes more bandwidth than Standard Definition formats though.

vMail – Send a Video Message and Record a Video Conference Session:

The vPoint HD contains a component called vMail which lets the users record a small video session (like a handy-cam) and send it as an email attachment. Or, if an important presentation (like sales training, strategy meeting, etc) needs to be recorded so that it can be viewed anytime later, certain models of the vPoint HD supports that too, through vMail application.

Streaming a Video Conferencing Session:

Sometimes, in situations like a Chairman addressing the whole company or board meetings that needs to be viewed by a number of remote participants etc, it is sufficient if the audio/video streams are sent across the network without requiring the people viewing to actually participate in the video session. Uni-cast and Multi-cast Streaming are the techniques that enable such streams to be sent across the network so that a lot of people can see and hear the video in their PC’s. vPoint HD supports both chairing the streaming session (system from which the video streaming is sent) and also viewing the streaming session. For just viewing the streaming session, even the Emblaze VCON broadcast viewer can be used.

Multi-cast streaming is more efficient as it sends one video stream which can be viewed by all the participants (hence reducing the bandwidth) but the network should be multi-cast enabled (The switches and routers should support this standard). So, this technique can be used with private networks to save bandwidth. Uni-cast streaming sends one stream to each viewer. With certain models of vPoint HD, any other user using the same software ( vPoint HD) to view the video stream can be nominated as the main speaker temporarily (at any point in the conference) for allowing few of the viewers to participate in the video conference.

You can also try a 30-day trial version of this software available in their website, before deciding to buy one.

In case you live in India and are considering to buy the Emblaze VCon vPoint or any of their video conferencing systems for your organization based out of India, do let us know using the contact form so that we can pass it to our friends in the industry in India. You could also go through our leads policy in the About page of this website.

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