Simplify your network using Wi-Fi Access Points with built-in 4-Port Ethernet Switch

Some of the broadband modems that we use at home have both Wi-Fi radios as well as wired RJ-45 ports, so that we can connect to the Internet using either of them. Why not have something similar with enterprise grade Wi-Fi access points too? The Ruckus ZoneFlex 7025 is one such AP that has four wired RJ-45 ports and also supports 802.11n high speed wireless technology.

Wi-Fi Access Point:

The Ruckus ZoneFlex 7025 is basically a Wi-Fi Access Point that provides wireless coverage using 802.11b/g/n technologies. The highlight is 802.11n which supports throughputs of up to 150 Mbps on this Access Point. With a lot of Laptops / Wi-Fi phones coming with inbuilt 802.11n adapters, each of them could connect to the network at high speeds. Even if its an older laptop, it can still connect to this AP with 802.11b/g technologies at lower speeds.

One of the biggest advantages of this particular access point from Ruckus is that it can function both as a stand alone AP or a thin AP that can be managed by a central Wireless Controller. If a hotel wants to provide Wi-Fi initially in few common places (like lobby, garden etc), they can buy just the access points alone without having to buy the expensive wireless controllers. But when they expand later on, to provide Wi-Fi to all the guest rooms, then these access points could be re-configured to work with the Ruckus Zonedirector Wireless Controllers. This provides a lot of flexibility to customers as they will inevitably want to buy Wireless Controllers later on when they expand to larger and denser wireless deployments.

Since 802.11n supports high throughput, lot of applications like IPTV, VOIP, Video Streaming, etc can be handled by these access points. The access points support up to 8 SSID’s with unique QoS (priority for voice over data, for example) and security policies (voice devices could authenticate using digital certificates, for example).

Further, security for wireless coverage is provided through authentication (MAC, Internal user database) as well as encryption of all wireless sessions using WPA2 AES and 802.11i standards. The RF power provided by theses Access Points are around 16 dBm and hence are powerful enough to cover a wide area. All the wireless configurations could be done through a central web-based management console, which simplifies the maintenance.

4-Port Wired Switch:

This is an interesting and useful addition to an enterprise grade access point. This built in 4-Port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch (with one POE port) could be useful in so many situations. In a college, for example, you could connect an external IP camera from the access point itself, instead of having to bring a UTP cable from the central switch. In a hotel, you could connect IP Phones, printers, computers and even other access points using the 4-Port Ethernet switch. Basically, this reduces the number of ports required (and hence cost) in the edge and distribution layers of wired network connectivity and provide access to wired ports at multiple places, which greatly simplifies cabling while also reduces cabling costs. And remember, more and more devices are coming to the IP network!

The four RJ-45 Wired Ports also support QoS to prioritize the real time applications (like voice and video) as they are latency sensitive and the access point also supports port based VLAN – Suppose, you want to have one VLAN for all the IP Phones and one VLAN for all the Computers, it is supported on the wired ports of the Ruckus ZoneFlex 7025 Access Points.

You could even connect digital phones to this access point (through a pass through port), that can reduce the cabling requirements of the voice network.

For further information, do refer to the official web-page of Ruckus. In case you live in India and are looking to buy Ruckus ZoneFlex 7025 Access Points or any other Ruckus products for your organization/ company in India, do let us know using the contact form and we will pass it on to our friends in the industry who are dealing with it in India.

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