Dec. 08, ‘15: Axis Introduces P1435-E & P1435-LE Bullet IP Cameras for Low Light Conditions

Axis has introduced two new Bullet-styled IP Surveillance Cameras that are capable of Full HD recording and 24×7 day/night surveillance. These cameras are especially useful for monitoring public spaces in difficult lighting conditions.

Salient Features:

  • Models: Axis P1435-E, P1435-LE Bullet-style IP Surveillance Cameras
  • Supports Full 1080p HD resolution up to 60fps
  • Applications: Monitoring streets, railway platforms, shipping docks, airport terminals, etc.
  • Day and Night, 24×7 Video Surveillance
  • Can capture color video in low light conditions (via Lightfinder technology)
  • Can capture scenes with high contrast
  • Zipstream compression technology
  • Wall or Ceiling mounted
  • Weather shield to protect against heavy rain
  • Remote zoom & focus
  • I/O port for notifications, connection to alarm panel/control relay
  • Power over Ethernet support
  • Axis P1435-LE has IR LEDs that illuminates the scene in complete darkness for up to 100 feet
  • MSRP ~ Axis P1435-E: $749; Axis P1435-LE: $799

Further Information/Manufacturer’s webpage: Axis P1435-E; Axis P1435-LE.

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