Multi-Gigabit Network Switch with 2.5G/5G Ports: Netgear M4200 GSM4210P

Netgear M4200 Multi-Gigabit Network Switch supports 2.5G/5G ports that can connect to 802.11ac Wave2 Access Points capable of higher speeds/bandwidth than the regular 1G ports available in Switches. Connecting Wave2 APs to Switches with 10G ports is an option, but an overkill. That’s why the intermediary 2.5G/5G ports maybe very useful.

Since the Netgear M4200 Switch is L2/L3/L4 capable, it can be deployed in the edge or aggregation layer. Since it supports PoE+ high-power standard on all ports, you can provide both data and power connectivity through a single data cable to all the Wave2 11ac access points you connect through these Switches.

Imp. Specs:

  • Model No/Type: GSM4210P-100NES/Network Switch
  • 8 x Multi-speed 10/100 Mbps, 1G, 2.5G, 5G auto-sensing ports.
  • All eight ports support PoE+. (240W PoE Budget.)
  • 2 x 10G SFP uplinks. (Aggregation to the wiring closet.)
  • Lifetime hardware warranty, Lifetime NBD, Lifetime online technical chat.
  • Processor/RAM: 800 Mhz/1 GB RAM.
  • USB 3.0 ports x 1.
  • Dimensions/Weight: 20.25 x 3.55 x 11.11 inches/8.4 pounds.


  • 2.5G ports can connect to 8 x 802.11ac Access Points at full rate. (Since 802.11ac APs can connect at higher speeds than 1G, switches that support gigabit ports wouldn’t be sufficient for the APs to transmit data at their full possible speeds.)
  • Netgear claims their multi-gigabit switches are compatible with most wireless and switching products.
  • Since the Netgear M4200 switches have 1G, 10/100Mbps backward compatibility, all computers, printers, etc. that connect to regular switches, can also be connected to these M4200 switches.
  • Plenum rated, slim design, mounting accessories allow one to optimize switch and AP placement both inside and outside the rack.
  • Can be installed vertical or horizontal, flat or perpendicular, above drop-down ceilings, in-air passageways and in other difficult to place locations. These switches can be attached to a wall, mounted on a rectangular or round pole.
  • Fully Managed L2/L3/L4 Switch. All parameters of the switch can be controlled through the GUI or CLI interface.
  • IPv4 & IPv6 capabilities; Supports static and dynamic routing.
  • SDN & OpenFlow 1.3 support – Data Center & future-ready.
  • Since the Switch supports PoE+ on all ports, you can connect PoE enabled devices (like PTZ camera, Wave2 APs, High-end IP Phones) on all ports, even higher PoE+ rated devices, through data cables. PoE enables a data cable to carry both data and power on the same cable, if the switch supports PoE.


  • Price per Port for 2.5G/5G is quite high. But this should decrease as the standard becomes more popular.
  • Not many computing devices that connect to these switches are 2.5G/5G compatible. But a substantial no. of 802.11ac Wave2 APs, which are the primary drivers for this standard, might be able to connect at 2.5G/5G.

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