Turn Off Internet/Network with Push Button Security Lock Switch

Just push a button to turn-on or turn-off your Internet/network connection for one computer or group of computers, using the Internet Network Security Lock Switch. This is a simple way to safeguard your data/connectivity from hackers and other wayfarers even if you/your kids forget to turn off the Internet.

This is required if you have always-on computers and you want to easily turn on/off internet connectivity by just pushing a button. This can also be used to block or enable Internet access to one or a group of computers — without user’s knowledge, if required — without having to use firewall/proxy server, etc.

Connectivity Architecture Diagram – Internet Network Security Lock Switch

Internet Network Security Lock Switch - Connectivity Architecture Diagram

This product can also be connected to other IP-enabled devices like IP phone, Video Camera/Conferencing unit, etc. to control network access.


  1. Just push a physical button to connect or disconnect to theĀ Internet. No software, configuration, upgrades, power or batteries required.
  2. One 5-foot Cat 5 cable to connect to the computer is included.
  3. It is a pass-through device – so it will support any speed supported by the device/switch.
  4. An easy way to turn off Internet/WiFi for kids or staff when not required.


  1. The red light to indicate the state of the connection (On/Off) is not bright enough.
  2. The supplied cable is Cat 5, not Cat 6. If you have a gigabit network with Cat 6 cables, try to use only Cat 6 cables for connections.
  3. Doesn’t look very elegant – normal looks.

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