The Wireless PTZ Internet Camera from Cisco for Home and SOHO users

Features of Cisco WVC 210 PTZ Wireless IP Camera for Internet Surveillance

I will tell you a story.

There was this cool guy called Abhimanyu. Let’s call him AB.

So, AB has two showrooms that sells antique art and furniture. Both are located at different cities. So, obviously he cannot be at both the places at the same time, which he very much wanted to. He has heard of Surveillance cameras, but he always thought they were in-house monitoring devices and you needed a CCTV screen to watch them! Then he came across the Cisco Small Business WVC 210 PTZ IP Wireless Camera.

He installs one at each location and connects both of them to the Internet, which he already has for working with the online CRM/ E-Commerce applications – of course, also to check emails!

Now, he doesn’t even have to go to the showrooms to see what the employees are doing. Of course, most of the time he is in one of them, but he can always watch what the employees are doing in the other branch from his Laptop. He can watch it from his home PC too, when he goes for lunch. Heck, he can even watch it from his mobile phone which supports 3GPP, when he is traveling. He can also listen (somewhat) to the conversations going on in the cash counter, through his IP Camera, if he wants to.

AB was concerned about the safety of the antique pieces during the night. Of course, there is good physical security but a store could always be broken in the nights! He discovered that the Cisco IP Cameras has a good night vision where he can not only monitor what is going on in the stores, but he can also configure the Cisco IP Camera to detect for any motion (moving objects, people etc) and send him an alert automatically through an email. Since he gets the email alerts in his cell phone, he will be notified immediately if some suspicious activity is going on and perhaps alert the police too. If the police does not arrive in time, he can record the video, to help the investigation process later. But just being able to see inside his stores in the night gives him a lot of satisfaction!

So, a lot of features that were hitherto available with enterprise grade IP Cameras is now available for small business/ home users!

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