Internet Leased Port from Airtel for High Speed Dedicated Internet Connectivity

Features of Airtel Internet Leased Port - Internet Leased Line in IndiaLet me tell you a story.

There was this cool guy called Abhimanyu. Let’s call him AB.

AB has multiple factories and a couple of corporate offices across the country. He was also planning to start a technology based start up company soon. Connectivity was a crucial factor in his business, as all the factories run ERP software which is hosted in the corporate office. Of course, they also use the Internet for all the other usual applications like email, messenger, website hosting, etc. The web/mail server is also hosted in the corporate office. Since Internet connectivity in the corporate office was crucial, he had already taken a Internet Leased Port (ILL) from Airtel. So, he was already familiar with them.

But all the branches connected to the Internet using broadband. He thought, broadband was inexpensive. It was.

But then, there were some issues he had with the connectivity.

He was implementing Voice Over IP solution across all his offices and factories to save on inter-branch (inter-factory) communications and to reduce the long distance call charges, as most of his suppliers and customers were abroad. He noticed that when a few people called through the broadband simultaneously (using the VOIP System), there were delays in the voice communication and some times the voice quality suffered much.

He was also planning to set up some IP Surveillance cameras at important locations in the factories and the implementation vendor rightly suggested to him that as long as he had broadband connections in the factories, the quality of IP Surveillance output may not be good (to be watched from elsewhere) as broadband has high download speeds and lesser upload speeds. And the IP Surveillance video output would be uploaded on to the broadband at factories to be watched elsewhere! He would have the same problem if he were to install a video conferencing solution across all locations over the IP network to have instant meetings with his top executives.

So, if he had to take advantage of the transportation of multiple types of traffic (data, voice, video, etc) over the IP network, broadband connectivity at the branches seemed to be a bottleneck. On the top of that, the same broadband connection was used to access the crucial ERP server that was hosted at the head office. The ERP application, he realized, was crucial for the employees to do all their day to day work.

And yeah, since he was also planning for a new technology start up, he would need more reliable, flexible, high capacity and stable connectivity for that company as all their work was done on the Internet. There was one more thing – he was looking at a cloud based data center to host his crucial applications (ERP, Web Server, Mail Server etc), so that he could have a back-up if one of his primary servers went down.

There was only one answer – Migrate to Internet Leased Lines at all locations! The immediate cost of such migration might be higher, but the long term cost reduction when he implements the VOIP system and the productivity enhancement options provided by the IP Surveillance cameras, IP Video Conferencing facilities, and the crucial on-line back up of his ERP/Web server for business continuity etc, were priceless. And what about security? He found that he could implement VPN (Virtual Private Networks) across his entire network so that all messages between them are encrypted.

The Internet Leased Ports from Airtel provides flexible, scalable, high capacity Internet Leased Lines across the country with the last mile owned and maintained by Airtel. Airtel also ensures a higher uptime with International Internet gateway Route Diversity and Service Level Agreements. Airtel’s ILP is a dedicated connection and provides 100% of the committed bandwidth for both upstream and downstream Internet connectivity. As you would have noticed, many more unique features of Airtel are listed in the above Infographic.

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