Do more with Zimbra Desktop – Your personal desktop email client / application

Zimbra Desktop is an interesting alternative to Outlook/ Thunderbird for getting and managing all your mails (from multiple accounts) in a single place – your desktop! Wait – it has more : Calender, Documents sharing, Facebook/twitter message aggregation & Email contacts are all integrated right into the Zimbra desktop application. Of course, Zimbra Desktop is free to download and use.

One of the best things about Zimra Desktop is the fact that it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Like the other desktop email applications, you can download and see mails from any IMAP/POP based web-email account – Gmail/ Yahoo/ AOL, etc. What more, you can even sync your contacts and calenders from Gmail/ Yahoo Mail!

The Zimbra Desktop can be opened and worked with, both online and offline. The capacity of the mailbox is the capacity you assign on your hard disk. You can create various folders in your Inbox and sort incoming messages into appropriate folders – You can just drag and drop messages into folders, if you want! You can compose a mail when you are offline, which will be sent as and when you connect to the Internet.

One important feature that other email clients miss is the ability to group conversations – email threads in one place so that the relevant messages can be accessed easily. This feature is supported by Zimbra Desktop. You can use advanced search to search by folder, attachment or even subject in addition to person/ email address, etc. You can save the searches in a virtual folder for future reference.

The calender and email applications integrated to the extant of allowing you to view your appointment details by hovering over a date mentioned in an email! The calender is one application that you ought to try – Its has a simple interface, resembling an excel sheet that allows you to maintain hourly schedules/ appointments and even reminds you about them! You can just drag the cells to extend a meeting / remove an appointment.

You can sync your Yahoo/ Gmail contacts, with Zimbra Desktop.  You can also save important files/ attachments in briefcase for easy future access, instead of having to search and go back to the exact mail with attachment.

Zimbra also has a mail-server application (ZCS – like MS Exchange) that allows companies to host all their enterprise email accounts in their company servers. When Zimbra Desktop and ZCS are combined, you get a lot more features!

Zimbra is very popular with enterprise customers – both as an email server and as desktop email client/ application. So, why not give it a try?

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