Evolis Tattoo 2 – Print your own Photo ID Cards with this cost effective printer!

The power of small business is the speed of operation! That’s a key metric with which the small businesses differentiate themselves from the bigger players. Still, its important for small businesses to build a positive image among their customers, along with offering a professional service in order to retain the existing customers and make new ones. One of the ways in which small businesses can differentiate themselves is by offering Photo ID Cards.

Imagine you are running a library, or a Health Club/ Gym in your locality. Issuing membership cards to your customers might be an important process of your business. Instead of issuing normal ID cards, why not issue them professional looking PVC based plastic ID cards? Perhaps that will help you differentiate your business from other similar businesses in the neighboring localities. It will also help you project a professional image, to your customers.

More importantly, why not give these professional looking ID cards right at the time of signing up new customers? That will enable your customers to get a very positive first impression, about your service.

Now I guess, you are wondering – how? Even if you order for photo ID cards from a nearby shop, it might take at least a week for delivery. And besides, they might want you to order a minimum quantity before they process your order.

The best solution, is to print your own ID cards. Probably you are thinking that it would be an expensive proposition – Well its not! Not, if you have seen the Evolis Tattoo 2 Photo ID Printer and more importantly, its price! This low cost entry level printer is specifically designed for low volume users and is ideal for printing a few hundred cards in a year. For printing a single card (in color), it just takes around 40 seconds! Now, thats what we call a fast customer service!

The Evolis Tattoo 2 Printer is very small (It occupies the size of an A4 sheet) – So, it can fit in your reception desk pretty easily. In fact, there is even an optional carry case – So, you can carry it to events/ fairs to sign up new customers instantly. Operating this printer doesn’t require any training, it can be installed and operated like any other normal printer – its that simple! The card designer software (which needs to be purchased separately) makes designing new cards/ interfacing with excel databases, a breeze!

The detachable auto-feeder comes with a capacity of 100 cards – So, you need not insert a card every time you want to print one! On the other hand, if you want to give different types of cards for different customers, there is an optional individual card loader you can purchase for the same.

The Evolis Tattoo 2 can print both in monochrome (single color) and multi-color, as per your requirements – The multi-color ribbon is slightly more expensive but gives beautiful looking Plastic ID Cards! You can print barcodes on the cards or even attach a magnetic stripe (using an optional magnetic stripe encoder) if you want the card to store some personalized data for each user/ enable auto check-out.

Like any other printer, the Evolis Tattoo 2 integrates with your computer through the USB cable (Network port connection is available optionally). It works with Windows, Mac & Linux Operating Systems.