X-Lite – You might be surprised at how many features this free Softphone supports!

X-Lite, is a free to download IP based Soft-phone that enables you to make phone calls from your computer/ laptop using just a headset with mic. What is surprising about this free to download utility is the number of telephony features it supports! You can use it for your personal use by registering the phone with a VOIP service provider, or you can connect it to the enterprise network & register it with your IP PBX (IP Telephony Server) to get all your office land-line calls on your PC! So, your PC becomes your phone with extension number!

In fact, if you combine a free to download IP PBX (IP Telephony Server) and X-Lite, you might get a whole telephony system, free of cost for your company (except the headset-mic cost). Let us look at some interesting features supported by X-Lite Softphone, below:

  • Most of the telephony functions like call, hold, redial, mute, call forward, etc are supported by X-Lite.
  • Contacts List and Instant Messaging support (With Presence information for all your contacts).
  • Video Calling (Using a web-cam/ USB based camera attached to your PC) is available with X-Lite. Video can be even added during a voice call!
  • Called Lists/ Missed Call notifications (On screen display).
  • Incoming calls are notified by a pop-up message and/or sound from your computer speakers.
  • Call recording is available for both audio calls (.wav) and video calls (.avi).
  • A number of voice and video codecs are supported by X-Lite but the premium voice and video codecs are not supported by it, as it the free version. X-Lite can however, automatically detect the codec used by the other caller, and select the best possible codec, from the available codecs.
  • Voice mail is not directly present in X-Lite, but support for voice mail feature (to be used from service provider/ IP PBX) is available from the on-screen keypad interface. You can send all incoming calls to voice mail thereby activating a do-not-disturb mode (or) send a call manually to the voice mail.
  • Simple three-party audio calls can be made using the two lines of X-Lite.
  • Its possible to create hyper-links with phone numbers (in an excel sheet, for example) to enable users to dial those numbers on X-Lite automatically by clicking on them from the PC.
  • Incoming call display / Message Waiting indicator on the on-screen interface.
  • Speaker phone is supported, when you connect external speakers to the computer.
  • You can use bluetooth based headphones (or) USB phones along with X-Lite.
  • Support for Open Standard VOIP Protocol – SIP, enables it to integrate with Enterprise IP PBX (IP Telephony Server).

Counterpath, the company that has created X-Lite also has a couple of commercial soft-phones with additional features. This soft-phone is available only for Windows and Mac Operating Systems & there ads run sometimes, in the free version.



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