You can encrypt email attachments with this free software tool before sending them

When you receive your Credit Card statement / Bank statement over email, you are asked to enter a password in order to view their contents. This is required because, the attachment has sensitive information – your financial transactions.

You might be sending a confidential file (or even a folder) to your colleague / family member over email. But you are not sure if others have access to their email accounts (like administrators, for example). Or, you are sending a very confidential financial document to your CFO. In situations like this, its better to encrypt files and send them over email than to send them in clear-text.

The recipient needs to know a password to decrypt the file and read its contents. The password should be sent to them via an alternate mechanism like Mobile SMS (or) phone call – Not in the next email!

This will ensure that your attachments cannot be read, even if they are accessed by third party personnel. There are some free software tools which help you to do this, and they can be downloaded from the Internet free of cost.

Don’t you think its better to be safe than sorry?

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