Grandstream GXV 3175 Touchscreen IP Video Phone – Product Review

Open this GXV 3175 Youtube demonstration video in a separate window. Even though the review is in a different language, the visuals are good enough to have a good feel of the features / working of this phone. For the Grandstream GXV 3175 product review, read on.

Grandstream GXV 3175 IP Video Phone with full touchscreen and multimedia capabilities is the latest phone released by the reliable VOIP manufacturer – Grandstream. It works and feels like an iphone, but it is meant for desktop use! The 7″ LCD Touch-screen interface is perhaps the first in any VOIP Desktop phone! Video Calling over the IP Network and Internet using a touch-interface is quite new to IP Telephony and Grandstream has started this new trend, much like what iphone did in the cell phone market.

Grandstream GXV3175 IP Multimedia Phone 7" touch screen

Well, you might think, ‘What’s the big deal? If I am ok with the price, I can just buy it and it will work” – No! Before buying any IP based electronic device, its recommended that you do an exhaustive research on what the product can do and what it cannot do. This article will help you decide if you really want this phone.

Who is the Grandstream GXV 3175 IP Video Phone for?

There are two types of target audience for the Grandstream GXV 3175 IP Video Phone – The residential user with a broadband Internet connection (through a wired/ wireless router with RJ-45 switch ports) & the institutional / enterprise user with a Computer Local Area Network (LAN) and an IP PBX that supports Video Calling.

Audio / Video Calling on the Grandstream GXV 3175 IP Video Phone:

It can very much be used like a normal VOIP Phone to receive and dial out voice calls over the IP network/ Internet by registering SIP accounts with Internet Telephony service providers but the main differentiator of this phone is its video calling feature. Grandstream has its own service called IP Video Talk which is available without any additional charges for Grandstream phone owners. Which means, you will receive a unique Internet phone number from Grandstream and you can dial out / receive video calls from any other Grandstream phone that supports video calling. So, you might want to buy two IP Video phones from Grandstream in order to take advantage of this feature.

If you are an enterprise user, you can register this phone to an IP PBX supporting Video Calling over SIP and just dial out the extension numbers to make audio-video calls to other video phone users either within your Local Area Network or Wide Area Network over the Internet.

Main Attractions of Grandstream GXV 3175 IP Video Phone:

  • 800×480 7″ LCD Touchscreen – Its big and clear.
  • Video Calling (up to 30 frames / second) with H.264 Compression for best video quality in low bandwidths.
  • Tilt-able Mega-pixel CMOS Video Camera for best resolution / clarity.
  • 2 Port 10/100 Mbps Switch ports & built-in Wi-Fi adapters for wired and wireless network connectivity.
  • Integrated POE for providing electrical power to the Phone using data cables (requires a separate power injector or POE switch).
  • Duplex Speaker phone with acoustic echo canceler and Headset/Stereo Output ports.
  • Web-browsing in the phone interface using the Integrated Web-browser & various pre-installed applications for providing information on weather, news, stocks, world clock, currency, games, etc.
  • Listen to songs online from Internet Radio channels ( application in-built).
  • Watch Videos from Youtube and browse through online photo albums.
  • Dual USB ports & SD/MMC/SDHC Slots for connecting external memory cards.
  • 3 Individually configurable SIP accounts & Grandstream IP Video Talk.
  • 3-Way Conference using PIP – Picture in Picture.
  • Audio – Camera Mute when not required.
  • Security: TLS/ SRTP for Voice, HTTPS for Internet, AES for Wireless (Wi-Fi).


* The Skype, Google, Yahoo, MSN Messengers; Facebook, Twitter applications/ functions are still pending – hopefully they would be introduced in a future software upgrade.

* Lack of hard keys might turn off certain users who are used to dialing very fast on the phone keyboard interface. But, the users would get used to the touch screen interface like how they loved the iphone touch-only interface.

Well, if you are looking to impress with your desktop phone and if you make frequent video calls to your loved ones, the Grandstream GXV 3175 IP Video Phone is an excellent choice. Try to buy at least two of these phones to take full advantage of the features that it offers.

Go check out the best pricing for GXV 3175 IP Video Phone from Amazon. You might be surprised at the Grandstream GXV 3175 price!

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