Product Review: Grandstream HT-286 VOIP Adapter for Analog Phones & Price (USD)

You can use the Grandstream HT-286 VOIP Adapter to plug in your analog telephone to a modem/wireless router and start making VOIP calls over the Internet (Using a ITSP/ VOIP Service provider). You can also do it from your PC, but your computer may not always be ON and hence making / receiving VOIP Calls quickly is not always feasible.

This product is pretty simple to set-up and use. You just need to plug in the analog phone in the analog / RJ-11 port on the HT-286, connect the ethernet port on the device using an RJ-45 jack and Cat6 cable, to a wired ethernet port on your wireless router/ modem and power on the device – That’s it, you’re done with the connections.

You can make calls by dialing the number and pressing # after you finish or leaving it along for 4 seconds after you finish – The phone call will go through the VOIP Service provider. If you have got a VOIP number from the VOIP service provider, others can call you using that number, as well. You can pick up/ hang-up a VOIP call as usual on the analog phone connected to the Grandstream HT-286 adapter.

By using this adapter, you can use your analog telephone to make and receive VOIP Calls – So, you don’t need to buy an expensive IP phone for the same. Also, you need not keep the PC ‘ON’ just to receive VOIP Calls (If you use a soft phone on a PC).

Features of Grandstream HT-286 VOIP Adapter:

  • 1 FXS Port (RJ-11 port) to connect telephone, fax machine.
  • 1 RJ-45 Port to connect to the router/ modem.
  • 2.2 pounds.
  • Supports One Telephone number.
  • Inter-operable with many popular VOIP/ SIP Service providers.
  • Plug and Dial.
  • No NAT, DHCP Client Only.
  • Voice Mail indicator.

You can even connect a cordless telephone to the RJ-11 FXS port, if you want to keep roaming when you talk. The power adapter and ethernet cable is included along with the Grandstream HT-286 VOIP adapter.

You can configure the device using the inbuilt IVR and your analog phone itself, but its slightly difficult to use. It would be better to connect a PC and open the settings in a web-browser to configure the device. You will have to enter the VOIP / SIP number, SIP ID, and some other information given by your VOIP service provider into the HT-286 initially.

The Grandstream HT-286 support a number of useful telephone functions like Caller-ID display (on the phone, if supported by the phone), Call waiting, Call hold, Call transfer, Mute, etc. There is even a voice mail indicator LED on the device.

If you live in the United States, you can buy Grandstream HT-286 VOIP adapter from Amazon as they usually have good discounts. Click here to see the best price for Grandstream HT-286 in Amazon.

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