Looking to replace your Dell Laptop parts for Dell XPS M1530 and Other models?

Laptops are slightly more trickier when it comes to replacement of parts. Many people think that its very difficult to replace individual parts of a laptop by themselves and they can replace only a few parts like Hard-disk, RAM, Batteries, etc.

I know people who work with their laptops even though some useful parts have failed / not working properly. Some of them even change their laptops just because one or two parts are not working in them!

Their actions are justified to a certain extent. The cost of computer servicing is quite high, and many people may not have a computer service center near their locality. Even if there is one, the service center may not stock the individual parts that they might require.

If you live in the United States, you might want to have a look at parts-people.com . They seem to have an exhaustive catalog for individual Dell laptop parts for various Dell laptop models.

Laptops are slightly more complex, but in many ways they are similar to PC’s. One knows that they can locate and remove certain parts like the power supply, RAM, Hard-disk, etc in a laptop as well.

Though people prefer to give the laptop to a service center to replace these parts, its possible and relatively easier to locate these parts in your laptop and replace them by yourself!

You might be surprised to know that you can replace a lot of individual parts in your laptop like CPU Processor, CPU Heat Sink, Keyboard, Laptop Screen, Bluetooth Card, Palm-rest, Speakers, Mouse button, etc. You might be even more surprised to know that you can replace all these parts (and many more) by yourself!

Now you know that you can get individual laptop parts, as well as replace individual parts in a laptop. But, you need one more thing to be able to do that : A Video Guide! Of course, you can also refer to your laptop manual but a video demonstration of how exactly one can replace a particular laptop part step by step might be easier to understand and implement. What better than a Youtube video guide that is available Online?

You can just search in Youtube if you want to learn how to replace individual laptop parts for any make/model. Most of them are available over there, but if you are using a Dell laptop and want to replace individual parts in your Dell laptop, you might want to have a look at the DellPartsPeople Youtube Channel.

DellPartsPeople have created an entire Youtube channel (which has more than 200 videos at the time of writing this article) that is focused on replacement of  individual parts in various Dell Laptop models.

We tried to see some videos that are specific to replacing parts in a particular Dell Laptop: XPS M1530, and we were surprised to find the following videos individually covering the replacement for each part mentioned below. The Youtube videos are linked for some of them, and others can be located in the Youtube channel mentioned above.

And many more! Though these videos are specific to the Dell Laptop Model XPS M1530, there are similar video replacement guides for other popular Dell Laptop models as well.

We did watch the Videos that are linked to in the above list and found them to be pretty easy to implement. Of course, replacing certain parts like batteries, RAM, Hard-disk, CPU Processor and Heat Sinks, Keyboard, Bluetooth Card, etc. were simpler than replacing certain parts like the Monitor assembly, Mouse button(s), etc.

But even the above mentioned complex parts were replaced within 10-20 minutes in the videos, depending on the part. Most of the other parts were replaced within 5 minutes! Of course, these replacements were done by experts who were familiar with Dell laptop parts and hence they might have been able to replace them faster, but I guess even new users might take a maximum of double the time taken by the experts in the videos, as long as they have the replacement parts in hand. That’s still not a lot of time!

The videos themselves are very clear and neatly presented. Its quite easy to understand what they are doing and an interesting light music in the background makes watching these videos, slightly more entertaining! On the whole the videos are very helpful for people who want to replace individual parts in their Dell laptops.

I would like to give one suggestion though: It might be better to indicate the specific tools required for opening laptop screws at the beginning/ end of each video. That will enable new users to buy the exact tools required to open these Dell laptops from a shop, or from the site.

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