Panaboard – Print the contents written on the board & Avoid taking notes!

During meetings/ training sessions, have you noticed participants taking notes when they should actually be listening/ concentrating on what is being said?  A Panaboard (electronic copy board) might just change that situation by enabling the presenter to print out the contents written on the board on to white papers which can be distributed to the participants.

Panasonic UB-5815 2-Panel WideScreen Electronic White Board with Integrated printer

As you can see in the above diagram, there is a huge white board and one can use marker pens (non-permanent markers) to write on them. So, when the meeting is going on, the presenter jots down all the points on the board and the participants can just focus on what is being written and what is being said, without the need to keep a notebook/pen with them to take notes.

When the meeting is over, the presenter just presses a button present below the screen. The whole screen surface in the front will flip over to the back (moving sideways) and in the process, it goes through a scanner which is attached on one side of the board. The document is scanned by the time the front side surface goes back and the back side surface comes front. The printout of whatever was written on the board is printed on a paper (Using a printer attached to the Panaboard) and the printed copy comes out from the front.

This print-out containing the notes/ charts/ diagrams, etc can be distributed to all the participants. The whole process of scanning and printing just takes a few seconds – So, people do not have to wait for long. The meeting notes can also be passed on to the participants who were not able to attend the meeting – Either the physical paper containing the print-out of the notes can be passed on, or the same can be passed on as an image file over Email.

A Panaboard could also be very useful in a training session / educational setting (schools and colleges) as it can help the students to focus on the lessons than having to continuously take notes. And besides, when they take notes its possible that they might make a few mistakes, which can be avoided if the teachers notes are directly printed from the board and given to the students for future reference.

Some salient points you need to know about Panaboards:

  • Height x Width – Common Sizes include 52.5″ x 54″ ; 52.5″ x 68.3″ (Screen Surface).
  • Simultaneous copies per operation / command – Up to 9 Copies.
  • Writing Surfaces: Two sheets – Front and Back.
  • Scanning / Printing time – 15 to 18 seconds (black and white).
  • Printing paper – Thermal paper or plain paper (depending on the model).
  • Scanner & Printer – Built-In on the common models.
  • Wall-Mounted/ Floor Stand – Options available for both.
  • Markers – Dry erase felt tipped non-permanent markers from Panasonic.
  • Paper saving options – Can print the contents of both front screen and back screen on the same paper (divides it into two halves).
  • Color scanning: Available with certain models. If a color printer is attached, color printouts can be taken.
  • SD Memory Card: Available with certain models. The scanned copy is saved as a pdf file or image file which can be transferred to PC.
  • Printing contrast: Dark or Normal, Adjustable via the front panel buttons.

You can get more information on Panaboards from the Panasonic site. You can also click on the image in the beginning of this article, to have a look at the price of the Panaboards from Amazon.

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