What do you think about a Sound proof Network/ Server Rack?

One factor that IT managers and System administrators have been ignoring is the amount of noise / sound that is made by Servers and Networking equipments. We have guidelines and road-map to achieve lesser power consumption and in the process make our data centers go green, but we have been ignoring the noise pollution created by the IT  / Network infrastructure equipments. Can Sound-proof Network/ Server racks be the solution to that issue?

Let us admit one thing – Network professionals spend a lot of time near the Server racks and Network racks even though they can pretty much control every network based equipment from a remote location. In this process, they get exposed to the noise generated by the fans running in multiple servers and multiple network equipments like switches, routers and firewalls.

This sound is not so high to cause any immediate health hazard, but what about constant exposure to the sound over a prolonged period of time? More over, in many companies the racks and IT equipments are kept inside the IT managers room where multiple people might be working. Don’t you think that the constant noise emanating from the computing/ network equipments placed within these racks are a source of disturbance to anyone who is around that place?

Even if we assume that all these equipments are kept in a separate data center, the sound produced by many equipments at the same time can be pretty high! Perhaps taking all these points into consideration, Sound proof Server/ Network Racks have been introduced.

For a small/medium business where the number of servers/ networking equipments are pretty less, having a separate server room might be an expensive proposition. They might be more inclined to buy these Sound proof network racks or Air-conditioned network racks and keep their limited computing hardware infrastructure in a common location that can be shared with work places.

In such a situation, the Sound-proof network racks could be a real boon because the noise emanating from within the rack is reduced at least by a factor of five and hence people around the racks may not be disturbed by the noise made by computing devices that are inside.

These Sound proof network / server racks can also be used in a data center to lower the effect of the sound made by many servers/ network equipments kept so close to one another. If they can also reduce heat through heat dissipating surfaces, then its even better!

The sound proof racks are made of sound proof metal and are sealed from every side. They may have certain openings which can be used to access the equipments within, when required. Even the openings through which the cables/ power cord etc. come out of the racks are sealed.

The concept of sound-proof racks seem to be interesting and we hope that the smaller network racks could also be made to shield the noise made by network equipments to the outside world. Its the smaller racks that are kept at places frequented by users and hence this concept might be useful to them as well.


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