Wireless Presenter with Mouse & Full Function Remote for Projector with Laser Pointer

When giving a presentation using a Projector, often we find ourselves at some distance from the laptop. So, we need to either walk down to the laptop/ computer connected to the projector to navigate to the next slide in a presentation / open a new file (or) we need to request someone to do it for us. In this article, let us look at a few of options we can use to remotely enable mouse functions at a press of a few buttons, even if the laptop / PC is a few meters away. All the below options include a Laser pointer, which comes in handy while making a presentation.

Option 1 – Wireless Presenter with Mouse functions & Laser Pointer:

Satechi SP400 Smart-Pointer (Red) 2.4Ghz RF Wireless Presenter with Mouse Function and Laser Pointer

A Wireless Presenter with mouse functions / Laser pointer is like a remote control that can be carried to the stage by the presenter. There is a USB Wi-Fi adapter that comes along with this device which needs to be plugged into the USB port of a PC / Laptop to which the LCD/ DLP projector is connected.

The device communicates with the wireless adapter using 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi technology, which is a Non-Line of Sight technology. So, one need not point the wireless presenter at the PC (where the adapter is connected) while presenting. Also, the PC can be up to 20 meters away from the presenter.

A red or green Laser pointer is included along with such devices which can be activated at the press of a button. More over, the device acts as a mouse – Hence one can point the device at the screen, right-click and left-click using the buttons provided in the device instead of having to go to the computer to do the same thing with the attached mouse. This could be useful while making a presentation – One can just press the left click button to go to the next slide.

If the presenter has to open a document, they can just left click, end presentation, reach the document icon using the direction arrows present on the wireless presenter and press the left click button to open it. They can also close it after a short time. All this can be done from the wireless presenter itself, without having to access the physical mouse attached with the PC/ Laptop.

The USB adapter is generally plug and play and the wireless presenters are battery powered devices. Some of them have exclusive ‘next’ and ‘back’ buttons that work with power point presentations as that’s the most important function accessed by presenters frequently.

Option 2 – Full Function Remote Control for Projectors with Laster Pointers:

LCD/ DLP Projectors come with remote control to control all the projector features over the wireless medium, while making a presentation. For a small additional cost, many projector manufacturers supply a full function remote control with Laser pointer that includes the wireless mouse,  Laster pointer and projector controls. Customers need to order for the full function remote specifically as it is not available along with the default accessories provided by the projector vendor.

This is a very comfortable option because one can control the projector features (like reducing the brightness, keystone correction, blocking the display, etc) along with the wireless mouse options / Laser pointer using a single device. One can move the mouse across the screen, click to go to next slide and do whatever functions that can be done by a normal mouse, using the full function remote control.

Option 3 – Laser Pointer with Power point controls:

RF Wireless Laser Pointer with Page up Down PowerPoint Presentation Function (Black)

If a user is looking for a low cost option with only the essential features for controlling a presentation from the dais/ remote location, they can look at the RF wireless Laser pointer with page up/ page down functions for a power point presentation. This could be quite useful because many people just use the Laser pointer and move to the next page/ previous page while giving a power point presentation. The low cost of this product is another added advantage.

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