Renting a Projector Vs Buying a Projector

A few years back, renting an LCD/DLP Projector was very attractive because the cost of a good quality projector  providing images with high brightness, was very high. But these days, the cost of buying a new projector has come down drastically, while the brightness and other features supported by them have become better. In this context, does renting a projector still have significance? Maybe and maybe not! Let us explore the pros and cons of renting a projector (vs) buying a projector.

Renting a projector:

In a few companies, LCD/DLP Projectors are rarely used. They maybe used once or twice, every six months. In such cases, it might be better to rent a projector and all the accessories that come with it (Tripod mounted Screen, etc), because the cost of investing in a projector upfront can be significantly higher than renting it.

One can choose which projector they are going to rent. So, if there is a huge auditorium with a lot of attendees for the presentation, a certain projector model can be hired. On the other hand, if a person is going to take the projector along with them to make a presentation at a client’s place, a different projector model (which is sleek/ lightweight) can be hired.

Since most projector hiring firms have multiple projectors with various brightness/ native resolution support, one can choose which one they want. They can also choose the size of the tripod stand/ screen that they might want, based on the application. If there is a larger gathering, a larger screen might be required and for a board room presentation, a smaller screen might suffice. People can choose which projector/ screen models they want, depending on their usage on a particular day.

Buying a projector:

As mentioned previously, the cost of a good quality/ high brightness projector has come down drastically. Companies can hire a projector with decent brightness that can be used in larger auditoriums, etc. for a moderate price. If its a permanent installation, they can buy a ceiling mounting kit and install the projector over the roof as well as permanently attach a screen over the wall. But the projector cannot be carried anywhere else, if it is fixed this way.

If companies want to use projectors frequently, its better to buy them because renting projectors continuously might incur higher costs. Besides, when a projector is already available in the campus, more people would want to use it.

Companies need to factor the recurring costs of AMC and consumables (Projector Lamp) along with the fixed cost of the projector. The cost of a projector lamp can be as high as 50% of the projector cost itself!

If companies own their projectors, they don’t have to anxiously wait for a rented projector to arrive on the morning of an important meeting. They also don’t have to worry about whether any projectors are available for rent on a particular day/time. Also, buying a projector enables users to get used to the various features offered by Business projectors.

So, based on individual requirements as highlighted above, companies can decide if they want to hire projectors/ their accessories.

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