Digium launches IP Phones – D40, D50, D70

Digium, the company behind the popular IP PBX softwares Asterisk and Switchvox has launched its own series of Digium IP Phones, primarily targeting users using these VOIP applications. Digium already has its own range of E1/T1 Cards, Analog Trunk/Analog Extension Cards targeting the usage of analog trunks and analog extensions, with the soft-switch applications.

Some highlights of Digium IP Phones include,

  • Three models – D40, D50, D70
  • Targeting the users of Digium Asterisk and Digium Switchvox
  • All phone models support High Definition – HD Voice
  • With Asterisk & Switchvox, these IP Phones support Plug and Play deployment
  • All the phone models feature full-duplex speaker phones
  • All the phone models support POE – Power over Ethernet
  • It is possible to design and run custom applications (apps) on these phones via the built-in Javascript API

The main differences between the three models D40, D50, D70 are:

  • Line keys: D40 – Two line keys; D50 – 4 Line keys; D70 – 6 Line keys
  • BLF (Busy Lamp Field) keys – D40 – None; D50 – 10 BLF Keys; D70 – 10 BLF keys with real time information on a special LCD screen next to them
  • Feature keys: D40 – Four; D50 – Six; D70 – Ten
  • LCD Display: D40 & D50 – 3.5″ Backlit Greyscale LCD Display; D70 – 4.5″ Backlit Greyscale LCD Display

So, while D40 looks like an entry level cost-effective IP Phone, D50 looks like a mid-level executive phone and D70 seems to target the top-level executives.


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