Polycom SoundStation2 Non-Expandable Conference Phone with Display – Product Review

The Polycom SoundStation2 Non-Expandable Conference phone with display is a good choice for conference phone in a business or home office.  It can be used with an analog PSTN telephone line/analog port of PBX and it can be used in small conference rooms/meeting rooms. Basically, it is just like a normal analog speaker phone but it doesn’t have any headset (for private discussions). It is optimized to be used for group audio conferences with the remote end.

The price of this triangle conference phone may surprise a few people who want to use a speaker phone in their home office. But the price is directly proportional to the voice quality that this phone offers. Polycom has always implemented some of the best noise canceling algorithms and this phone has inherited all their previous efforts. The other end can easily hear you even if your background is noisy. Of course, one may get a small amount of echo, but that depends more on the line quality. For business use/enterprise use, the Polycom SoundStation triangle phones have become the de-facto standard for audio conferencing.

This model comes with an LCD display so that one can see the number they are dialing out. It also supports Caller ID and hence one can know who is calling. The LCD display may come with a little price increase, but it is very much worth the price difference. Imagine using your desk phone without a display!

The Polycom SoundStation2 Non-expandable conference phone comes with three Cardiod microphones that gives it a 360 degree microphone coverage. The product claims 10 feet pick-up range, but this range depends on your conference room acoustics and other real-time factors like amount of external noise, etc. One can safely say that even if they speak from a distance (from this conference phone), the other side should still be able to hear them clearly. So, small groups can use this phone to make conference calls without much problems.

This particular model does not support adding additional microphones to increase the microphone coverage area in future. So, if your conference room is big or you have to accommodate additional people in the audio conference in future, you might want to buy the expandable model of this conference phone. The SoundStation2 Non-expandable conference phone supports most of the normal phone functions like mute, redial, volume adjustment, phone book, etc. Since it is very similar to a normal analog phone, users learn to use it very quickly. One can even connect their cell phone to this and use this phone as a hands-free conference attachment while making a call via the cell phone. It comes with a 2.5mm jack and for connecting cell phones with other types of interfaces, a converter might be required.

Main features:

Microphones: 3 in-built Cardiod microphones with 360 degree coverage

Pick-up range: 10 feet

Loudspeaker: Yes, with adjustable volume

Full duplex audio: Yes

Display: Graphical back-lit LCD with Caller ID

Telephone functions: 12 key telephone keypad with normal telephone function keys

Phone book: 25 entries

Model No: 2200-16000-001

Warranty: 1 Year


  • Decent microphone pick-up range and 360 degree coverage
  • Full duplex communications with noise canceling technology
  • Polycom Acoustic clarity for eliminating ear strain and repetition
  • RCA audio jack (2.5mm) to connect to cell phones and application port to connect to PC
  • Great choice for enterprise grade audio conference
  • LCD display with Caller ID


  • This unit can be used only as a conference phone and doesn’t have a handset (unlike normal phones) to support private one-to-one calling
  • Though Polycom is a leader in audio-video conference technologies for the enterprise segment, price is always a concern for home-office users. But the price is generally analogous to the quality offered
  • This model is not expandable. A small group of people can sit around it and make an audio conference but if one wants to keep it in a larger conference room or accommodate more people in future, they cannot connect the expansion microphones supported by higher models

The Polycom SoundStation2 Non-expandable conference phone with display is a good choice for home office/small business/small meeting room audio conference applications. If you find yourself shouting/repeating sentences on normal speaker phones, perhaps its time to consider buying this unit.  If you live in the United States, you can buy the Polycom SoundStation2 non-expandable conference phone with display online from Amazon. Click here to check the latest price offered by Amazon for this model.

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