Dlink DGS-1024D 24-port Gigabit Switch – Product Review

The Dlink DGS-1024D is a 24 port gigabit switch that supports speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbps in all its switch ports. Since it is an unmanaged switch, there is nothing to configure and it is pretty much plug and play. One can use cat6 cables (recommended)/cat5e cables to connect computers and other network devices to this switch. Since all the ports support 1GE, one can create a high speed gigabit network at home/business to allow high-performance appliances like servers/NAS boxes to work with a higher capacity and interconnect switches using high speed gigabit technology, as well.

This switch comes with a rack mount kit that enables one to keep it neatly and safely inside a network rack while saving a lot of space. Structured cabling is an option for rack mount switches. The Dlink DGS-1024D gigabit switch has a non-blocking configuration as it has a switching capacity of 48 Gbps. So, the switch does not introduce any latencies even if all the 24 ports are connected and utilized at their maximum potential.

One of the biggest advantages of this switch is its power saving capability. It can automatically detect idle links and reduce power on those ports. It can also identify the length of the cables connected to each port and automatically reduce power for shorter cables (as less power is sufficient for them). The Dlink DGS-1024D gigabit switch doesn’t have a fan and hence is very quiet. Home users might find the extra silence very useful.

Applications: The Dlink DGS-1024D switch can be used to connect computers, printers, servers, monitors, NAS devices, etc to a high speed network backbone and allows users to share their Internet connection, servers, printers and NAS storage devices with a number of computer users connected anywhere on the network. This switch has high speed gigabit connections that allow users to transfer multiple large files, graphics intensive files, videos and other multimedia content easily across the network (without any congestion). One can even connect these switches together using a normal cat6 cable to extend the network.

Important features of Dlink DGS-1024D 24 port Gigabit Switch:

  • 24 x 10/100/1000 Mbps ports
  • Unmanaged Layer 2 Switch
  • Switching capacity: 48 Gbps
  • 8k MAC address table
  • Rack mount kit included
  • Model: DGS-1024D
  • Dimensions: 14″ x 10.2″ x 3.8″
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Diagnostic LED’s


  • No need to configure anything during installation. Just power it On, and it’s Plug and Play
  • Since this switch doesn’t have cooling fans, it can be very quiet while working
  • Gigabit ports allow high speed connections to network devices and backbone network
  • Diagnostic LED’s and cable diagnostic features
  • 48 Gbps of switching capacity gives it a non-blocking configuration, even if all ports in the switch are connected and utilized at their full capacity
  • 1 RU (Rack Unit) form factor (small size) and rack-mounting ability (good features to have in an entry level inexpensive switch)


  • Since this is an unmanaged switch, there is no web-management and one cannot segment the network using VLAN’s
  • Many network devices may not have gigabit NIC’s and hence they may not be able to take full advantage of gigabit connectivity
  • If switched on (after a power cut), the switch may take some time for rebuilding its table

Is a 24 port switch better than three 8-port switches?

Depending on the number of devices you want to connect in your network, a 24 port switch might be better than buying three eight port switches. Here are some reasons:

  • Even if there are only a few devices to be connected now, there will always be a requirement to connect more devices in future and this switch can always accommodate for network expansions/additional ports
  • Three eight port gigabit switches might be costlier than buying a single twenty-four port gigabit switch
  • Three eight port switches mean three power supply connections, more space and more clutter
  • Three eight port switches need to be interconnected, resulting in the loss of few ports. Interconnect bandwidth can only be 1 Gbps in such cases, while the switching backplane capacity of this switch is 48 Gbps

The Dlink DGS-1024D 24 port gigabit switch is a good option for both homes and small businesses which have a few devices to connect to the network. It is especially useful if high speed applications run on the network. In case you want to buy this switch in the United States, you might want to check the best price for the Dlink DGS-1024D Switch at Amazon.


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